San Diego: Balboa Park

Whenever someone comes into town and asks me for some ideas of where to go and what to see, my first suggestion is usually Balboa Park. I know what you might be thinking, “A park, really?”, but trust me, this ain’t any ol’ ordinary park. Balboa Park is the Central Park of San Diego; you […]

San Diego: Self-Realization Gardens

If you’re ever in the Cardiff area of San Diego you have to make it a point to stop into the self-realization gardens. They’re located right off the 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) and they’re open to the public so its a great free activity to fill your afternoon. Not to mention there are a bunch […]

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Local’s Guide: San Diego

As a local San Diegan I am a great source of primary information when it comes to being a local and yet I have only wrote about San Diego one time since starting my blog. San Diego has so much to offer everyone it’s silly to not write about this amazing city more often. Welcome […]

San Diego, CA

From pristine beaches to the snow-capped mountains San Diego has more to offer than any city that I’ve visited, and as of 2014, San Diego has been named Craft Beer Capital of the World. I figured that if I’m going to write a travel blog, I might as well start with the place that I […]