San Diego: Self-Realization Gardens

If you’re ever in the Cardiff area of San Diego you have to make it a point to stop into the self-realization gardens. They’re located right off the 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) and they’re open to the public so its a great free activity to fill your afternoon. Not to mention there are a bunch of delicious restaurants in the area to grab lunch from before venturing into the gardens.


The gardens feature an array of shrubbery, and flowers that are found only on the west coast as well as numerous koi ponds that flow elegantly from one pool to another. There are dirt paths to follow that guide you through the gardens and to look out points that allow you to see the cliffs that drop down to a perfectly pristine beach below. If you go on a nice clear day, you can see down the coast for miles. It’s truly stunning.


If you’re in to yoga and meditation, the gardens are the perfect place to go and zone into your meditation practices. There is a sign when walking into the garden that states that the gardens are meant to be a quiet place and that cell phones are strictly prohibited. Now, I had my phone out to take all these pictures but I wouldn’t recommend answering a phone call while strolling through the grounds. You wouldn’t want to ruin the peacefulness of the place.


The gardens are lovingly maintained and there were numerous workers there while we were walking through tending to nearly every leaf on every plant, making sure that everything was healthy and vibrant. It’s incredible how we maintained the gardens are. There isn’t a single stone out of place. Like I said previously, if you ever find yourself in Cardiff, you have to stop in to see the gardens. It’ll be a relaxing treat on any day.


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