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Local’s Guide: San Diego

As a local San Diegan I am a great source of primary information when it comes to being a local and yet I have only wrote about San Diego one time since starting my blog. San Diego has so much to offer everyone it’s silly to not write about this amazing city more often. Welcome to the beginning of my “Local’s Guide Series“.

Ah, San Diego, you are indeed a classy city.

Yes, yes, San Diego may have flawless beaches, ecosystem improving nature parks, friendly residents, and endless days of sunshine but it is oh so much more than that. San Diego is also the craft beer capital of the world, and has its foot into some pretty interesting foodie business. Since moving here 5 years ago, San Diego has changed and grown so much as a city. I remember coming here as a child (my parents go-to vacation spot) and the Gaslamp quarter wasn’t anything more than businesses and bums. It wasn’t a well-to-do neighborhood back then. Now The Gaslamp has grown into a little city of its own. My point being that San Diego has become a vibrant city with hidden gems around every corner and I am going to discover them.

One of my favorite parts about San Diego is that it is a major melting pot of different nationalities and origins and therefore we have an interesting food culture here where many local chefs are blending old school flavors with new-aged cooking methods and techniques. Where do you find these joints? Let’s break it down by neighborhoods.

The Gaslamp is San Diego’s downtown area and like most downtown areas it has a lot of history and features a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs all with a unique, elegant feel.

North Park is another neighborhood in San Diego that is packed to the brim with interesting little bars and foodie joints. It’s definitely a locals area for San Diegans as many non-locals are unaware that this part of town even exists. To me, North Park has a much more laid-back, casual feel than The Gaslamp.
north park

Mission and Pacific Beach are the quintessential beach town neighborhoods. You’ve got fish shacks, sandwich shops, Mexican stands, etc. I put Mission Beach and Pacific Beach together in the same because the areas of town are right next to each other and flow together seamlessly. This part of town is a go-to for college-aged San Diegans and anyone that loves some good day-drinking.
belmont park

Kearny Mesa is home to the asian influence in San Diego and is the place to go to find some world class ramen, sushi, bahn mi, and various other authentic asian dishes.

These are just some of the many neighborhoods that are known for there fantastic food finds around the city and I’ll be delving deeper into the specifics of San Diego with every new post.

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