Bali: Buying the Flights

When I originally started planning for my next trip I was thinking Japan. I’ve always wanted to experience the chaos of Tokyo and the history of Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. However, when I started looking at prices I realized that Japan wasn’t going to be too friendly on my wallet, even through I was able to find roundtrip tickets for $550. That would have been the cheapest part of our trip considering even the hostels are upwards of $50 a night. While I was doing my research of Japan, a little note on my sidebar came up showing deals to Bali.


After swallowing my desire to venture to Japan, I began searching for flights to Bali knowing that the stay would be similar in costs to what I paid to travel Thailand, Cambodia, and South Korea last January. After a few days of nonstop searching with 4+ browsers open on my computer at all times, I managed to find my roundtrip airfare leaving from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and flying into Jakarta, Java, Indonesia with a layover in Tokyo. A win-win.

Flying into a major airfields can save you hundreds of dollars when traveling abroad and I knew that flying straight into Bali would cost significantly more so I aimed for Jakarta, Java which is the closest connecting island to Bali. I was able to snag the airfare from LAX to Jakarta for $726.59 per person roundtrip. A fantastic deal.

After a week or two I started looking for flights to connect me from Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali and was able to find the roundtrip flights for only $118.94 per person. All in all, the combined airfare is nearly $1000 cheaper than what we paid to get around Thailand, Cambodia, and South Korea so we’re already saving a lot of money to book hotels and play around with.

Next stop, Bali.

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