Thailand: Reminiscing of the adventures

A few days ago I started sorting through old photos on my computer and happened to run across these incredible shots from our adventure riding elephants in the Thai jungle. This was by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was so unique to see these animals roaming freely, happily through the jungle like they have for thousands of years. This organization, Patara Elephant Farm, does a phenomenal job of tending to the elephants and making sure they are as happy as possible. They have successfully breed and birthed over 60 elephants in the last 5 years alone. Which we learned is an incredible feat in and of itself.

Everytime I look at these photos it takes me right back to bathing the elephants in a river in the middle of the jungle, checking their vitals to ensure optimum health, and then riding them bareback up to the top of a mountain. It was an experience I will never forget so I had to do a little “throwback thursday” on this fine afternoon.








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