Bali: The Anticipation

It’s officially been 1 month since we booked the flights to Bali and my excitement for the trip grows everyday. We’ve got about 8 months left before the trip and still a ton of planning to do but it motivates me to keep researching.

My next step, now that we’ve booked the initial flights, is to start planning our itinerary from the time we land to the time we take-off again for the return home. Our flight leaves LAX at 1:20pm, we land in Tokyo, Japan for our layover at 4:55pm, and then finally arrive in Jakarta, on the island of Java, at 1:00am two days later. Dang timezone changes! Since we are losing two days just traveling to Indonesia it’s crucial that I create an itinerary that is as involved as possible in the remaining time that we’ll have.

My next move will be to book the hotel for when we arrive in Jakarta. Now, normally I am super stingy about the money that I am willing to spend on hotels. I realize that a very short amount of time is actually spent in the hotel room so I don’t really find it worth it to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice room. I try to keep every hotel I book around $50 a night, but for this hotel I’m willing to pay more so that we have a bit of luxury to look forward to after our long travel into Indonesia.

I probably won’t start booking anything until we’re 6 – 4 months out but I will continue to research hotels and pricings until then. Taking everything into account; from the taxi fares to and from the airports, to daily spending cash, to what we want to see and do, transportation, etc.

I’ll be posting my booking process as the trip gets closer and I start actually purchasing hotels and other flight to Denpasar, Bali.

Happy travels fellow bloggers!


  1. Moritz

    Sounds like a great plan! Jakarta has several great luxury hotels which all offer quite a good value for the money. When we’ve been in the city for the last time, we gave the Mandarin Oriental ( and The Hermitage Jakarta ( a try. Both were absolutely amazing! If you need any more information about what to do in the city, this will definitely be helpful:

    Enjoy your trip to Indonesia! 🙂

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