Acapulco: The Vacation

Prior to leaving for any trip, I watch the weather forecast like crazy to ensure that I’m packed properly and so that I know what the weather is going to be like when I land so that I am dressed appropriately. The weather forecast, before we left, read of nothing but thunderstorms and lightning for the entire 10 day stay. Seriously, what are the chances? We did, however, luck out a bit because it didn’t end up raining at all. It just wasn’t every sunny either. There were even a few times while we were sitting by the pool when it started lightly sprinkling on us but it wasn’t ever enough to drive us inside and it always stopped after a few minutes.

The morning we awoke in Acapulco a wave of relief flooded over me. For the next 10 glorious days my man and I were set to do nothing but drink Mexican beers on the beach and work on our tans. Unfortunately for us, the first day we were there was the only day that we ended up having any sunshine, and it was glorious.

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After traveling around the world, we’ve learned that the cheapest alcohol is the alcohol you buy yourself from the store, so we did precisely that to save some money. There was an OXXO (their version of a 7/11) right down the street from our hotel so we walked down there and grabbed a foam cooler, a twelve pack of Dos XX, and some chili & lime Doritos before making our way down to the beach. On the beach, we ended up renting one of the tents and chairs that the hotel has set up and then we slipped into sheer relaxation. It being Mexico, however, there were vendors coming up to our beach chairs nearly every five minutes trying to persistently sell us their wares. One of the vendors that stopped by our beach chairs was carrying a bucket full of fresh clams and sea urchins that he had found minutes before in the ocean directly in front of us. He was selling them as snacks. Of course, me being the foodie that I am, I insisted that we try the fresh sea urchin roe since by boyfriend had never tried it before.

It was incredible. The vendor let us each pick a sea urchin of our choice and then he plucked it out of the bucket with his bare hand and began to cut off the stickers with a pair of kitchen scissors in order to make a kind of shot glass out of the exoskeleton. He masterfully cut away the sharp spikes, rinsed out all the sand and guts that can’t be eaten and then handed us each a “Sea Urchin Shot” which he then squeezed a little lime and chili sauce onto before it was down the hatch. It was definitely an interesting flavor. I found it delicious but my boyfriend on the other hand found it to be a little too “oceany” for his liking.

Getting our sun on in Acapulco, Mexico
Getting our sun on in Acapulco, Mexico

The days seemed to blur together as we did pretty much the same thing for nearly the entire 10 day vacation. It couldn’t have been any more relaxing. I mean, we barely even left the hotel expect to go out to dinner and get more beer for our foam cooler. Speaking of food, there were was this little restaurant across the street from our hotel called El Fogón that was absolutely delicious and we ended up going there for dinner several times during our stay. When we started getting sick of fajitas and pozolé we managed to find this amazing little Italian restaurant that served some surprisingly tasty pizzas. All in all, we feasted like kings throughout the entirety of our vacation.

One of our goals during our vacation was to make our way out to La Quebrada to see the cliff divers plunge into the dangerous ocean waters 100ft below. We managed to accomplish that goal. It was an amazing show, and the hotel where La Quebrada is situated below is absolutely beautiful and relatively affordable for vacationers. The architecture is incredible how they have secured that building to the side of the cliff. I’ll continue more on La Quebrada in my next post.

All in all, Acapulco was a beautiful town full of people that hold a lot of pride for their hometown. Something that I found interesting was that there was military personnel standing nearly every quarter of a mile with a massive AK-47 around their shoulders and god knows what else. I’ve seen military personnel carrying large machine guns in other countries but never in my life have I seen as many soldiers with that big of guns posted up at that many stations. It was almost unsettling. The landscape however, is to die for even though the heat can get a little too intense for some people. For us, it never got over 90*F for our entire trip. The ocean water was so clear and warm like bath water which made water activities even more enjoyable.

I would definitely return to Acapulco, but I don’t think I would do a full 10 days there again. A week would have been plenty but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless and ended up with another amazing vacation after all.

Thanks for reading & happy blogging!! :]

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