Studying Abroad

This coming up spring semester, I have the opportunity to study abroad. Now, I can’t imagine leaving my sweet fur baby Sam, my four year old boxer, or my amazing man for 5 months. That just seems crazy to me and that’s what lead me to looking at alternatives to actually studying abroad and after doing some research, my university (San Diego State Uni.) accepts what’s called an “international field-trip” as credit for the International Experience requirement. I’m still in the process of working out specifics and tours that will qualify with my advisor but I’m thinking a tour to somewhere in Asia will probably be the best fit for me.

Asian cultures are world renowned in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry as being the leaders in innovation and customer service standards. I can fully attest to this just based on my short time traveling Thailand and Cambodia. It was incredible how well manicured, friendly, and helpful every individual that we encountered was. It was such a learning experience for myself, as I currently work in the service industry. It made me realize how poor American service standards really are, even in so-called “fine dining establishments”.

Being surrounded by such high service standards as there are in the majority of Asian cultures it would teach me everything I need to know about providing 5-star, world class service to all varieties of patrons and that is what I need to prove that I have learned to my advisor in order to receive credit for my International Experience requirement.

Below is the attached link to help me reach my funding goal in order to be able to actually go on and complete this international field-trip. Please help me by sharing/reblogging my previous post “Go Fund Me!”. The link is again posted below.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!


      1. D. B. Raines

        Totally. I also just started using Square Cash for receiving support of travels. If you haven’t already, I would suggest it as you can avoid the gofundme fees. You also get a link where people can send you cash (example:$dbraines) and you could make it specifically for the purpose of supporting your study abroad endeavor. 🙂

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