Acapulco: The Bookings and Flight there

As with most of my international trips, I leave out of LAX and not San Diego, where I live. It can save me a few hundred dollars so I usually just hitch a ride with a friend or parent up to LA for the flights. Acapulco was no exception. I booked this trip the day after my man and I got back from Thailand in January and was able to get a pretty good deal on some first-class tickets through AeroMexico. I also managed to find a good deal on the hotel stay, which ended up being gorgeous.

Acapulco Beach, Acapulco
Acapulco Beach, Acapulco
The pricing for the whole trip goes as follows:

First-class flight: $513 per person = $1026

10 days at Emporio Acapulco = $800

Spending cash: $1400 

Total trip (2 people): $3226

On the day of the trip, our flight left at 6:30am so we were up and out the door by 4:45am to make it to LAX in time. Luckily, there really isn’t much traffic at that time of the morning so we got there pretty quickly and had a few minutes to spare before getting on our connector flight to Mexico City. When we got to the airport we made it smoothly through security and once into the gate, we were greeted by the sound of heavy construction. We did our best to tune out the sledge hammers and drill guns by finding something to eat, although everything was still closed for another 30 minutes. We were starving. As soon as one of the little food stands opened up we jumped on whatever we could get our hands on. Once on the plane, they did feed us a small, cold ham and cheese croissant that would tie us over until we got to the airport in Mexico City.

Once in Mexico City, customs was a breeze and only took about 10 minutes to get through. We then managed to find something to eat at one of the restaurants in the Airport called Alfa Bar. We got some empanadas, consumé soup, and some chicken fajitas which were all decent enough to fill us up until dinner in Acapulco.

The flight from Mexico City to Acapulco was only about an hour and therefore the plane was one of the smaller planes that I’ve flown on. We sat at the very front of the plane so we were able to get off the plane pretty quickly and into a cab on our way to Emporio Acapulco, where we were staying. Upon arrival to the hotel we proceeded to check-in until they told us that they didn’t have a reservation for us, but after showing them my confirmation emails and them checking with the booking companies they accommodated us. We ended up with a room on the 10th floor and it came with an incredible view. We were able to see all the way down the beach and into Diamante Acapulco from our hotel room. It was absolutely beautiful, especially during sunset.

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