Acapulco: 5 days before the trip

The time has finally come. It’s been a long, rough semester and it’s finally time to celebrate, now that finals are over. Next up, 10 days of sheer relaxation on the beaches of Acapulco.

Now that the trip is getting closer, I need to start planning what I’m going to pack, how I’m going to pack it, and start gathering all my travel docs. This trip is pretty easy to plan for. My packing list will including the following, and then some:

– Bikinis
– Bikini cover-ups
– Shorts
– Tank tops
– Workout gear (for hikes)
– Skirts
– Dresses
– Flip-Flops
– Accessories galore
– etc.

My trusty duffle bag should do quite nicely.

After checking the upcoming weather forecast, which I always do in the days prior to the trip. It supposed to be thunderstorming the entire time that we’re there. How are we supposed to come back with amazing bronzed tans if we’ll be trapped inside the hotel the entire time?!

Now of course we’ll be able to make the best of it at one of the many bars on premises, so we’re not all that worried about it, but the whole point of this trip was to be able to relax in that hot Acapulco sun for 10 days straight. Not sit indoors drinking margaritas to kill the time. I’m hoping that the forecast shifts from now until then, but I think that they’ve pretty much gotten the hang of this weather thing by now.

Seems like I’ll bring writing a lot over this vacation.


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