Acapulco: The Planning

Planning for Acapulco was a breeze, being that we are flying into one airport and staying at our resort for 10 days straight. There was really nothing to plan except for the airfare, and hotel.

When I originally was looking to book for Acapulco, I was looking for a time in August because it was an easy and efficient time for us to go with work, and school. However, when I started looking up what the weather and high-times for Acapulco were going to be, it became clear that Acapulco in August was a bad idea so I rescheduled. I started researching for May and was able to find some great deals, and so the booking began.

The first thing I always book is the airfare. For this trip, I booked roundtrip, first class airfare leaving from LAX with a layover in Mexico City and then finally on to Acapulco. The airfare cost me $458 per person and I booked the airfare through to get the best deal possible. Obviously buying economy tickets would have been a couple hundred cheaper than buying first class, but I have to fly an international flight in first class at least once. Why not, right?

When it came to the hotel, I started looking for deals on but was able to find a better deal for the same hotel on so I booked from there instead. I booked us an ocean view room at The Emporio Hotel for $76 a night. The hotel is beautiful it features three different pools (one with a swim up bar), two restaurants and a bar, and lots of cabanas on the beach. Which is where I will be for the entirety of our trip.

That’s it. That’s all I really had to book before arrival in Acapulco. The flights and the airfare ran me to $1676 for both of us. I’ll probably end up going with $1500 spending money plus my credit card for emergencies.


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