What’s Next?

Now that I’ve finished my Thailand/Cambodia Series you’re probably wondering, what’s next?

On May 26th, I leave for a 10 day trip to Acapulco, Mexico with my man to relax after a tough semester. Acapulco is located in Southern Mexico about 184 miles (380 Kilometers) from Mexico city. Acapulco is known as Mexico’s largest beach resort city and features sprawling beaches packed with elegant resorts and clear beaches. Acapulco’s main attraction is the night life with nightclubs and bars nearly every 100 feet.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited.


About mackblack22

I created this blog as an inspirational site for student travelers. I wanted to show people that you can visit all sorts of amazing places if you just know how to plan properly. I am here to help. This blog features my experiences traveling the world and how I did it so that you can get a better idea of where to begin when planning a trip of your own. Questions are always welcome!

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