Bali: The Bookings

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You know that feeling you get when you’re about to take a big trip? That feeling of excitement and adventure mixed with wonder of the unknown; it hits everyone at a different time. Some people feel it when they book the flights, others feel it when they start packing their bags to leave, others feel it once they’re finally in the airport and on the plane. For me, I feel it when i’ve finally booked all my flights and accommodations, when everything is set and I don’t have to worry about anything other than what I’m going to take with me. Not to mention it enables to me to be able to share my secrets with you lovely peeps :] So, here we go…

I mentioned in a previous post that when I had originally been planning my next trip I was thinking of going to Japan but when I started looking into accommodations I realized that Japan wasn’t going to be cheap. That’s when I noticed the little ad bar on the side of my screen advertising cheap tickets to Bali. I knew that if the major airlines were offering discounted fares that I would definitely be able to find something even cheaper with a little research.

After about three days of solid searching I managed to lock down some cheap flights leaving from my home airport of LAX, with a layover in Japan, and then off to Jakarta, Java, Indonesia. A breakdown of my pricing goes as follows:

Initial Flights (roundtrip): $726.59 (x2)

Jakarta Hotel: $191.16 (2 nights)

Jakarta to Denpasar (roundtrip): $118.95 (x2)

Ubud Hotel: $367.00 (5 nights)

Kuta Hotel: $256.48 (7nights)

Total: $2,505.72

If you’ve seen the breakdown of my Thailand expenses on my previous posts, then this probably seems like it was a piece-of-cake to book, and in a sense it was. When my boyfriend and I went to Thailand and Cambodia last year we wanted to see as much as possible so we took a lot of flights and bounced around a lot which made booking flights and accommodations a little more difficult and we spent only a few days in each of the places that we visited. Bali is obviously much smaller than Thailand and therefore a little easier and cheaper to get around; we should be able to see the entire island by the time our holiday is up.

I also didn’t plan any excursions this holiday, except for exploring various temples and other locations but those are typically extremely cheap for tourists, especially if you don’t go with a group. This also leaves us with room to do whatever we want, whenever we want the entire time that we’re in Bali.

My booking spanned a time range of 5 months from the time I purchased the initial flights to the time I booked our last hotel stay.

I encourage any and all questions and if you’re in a pickle of where to begin and where to go for your first (or next) trip, I am now giving my assistance to my fellow bloggers. Want me to completely plan a trip for you? Email me at and we can workout an itinerary that’ll work best for you :] Cheers bloggers!

I used the same sites that I normally do to book my travels, and those sites include: Skyscanner , STAtravel , Expedia , World of Wanderlust , AirBnB , American Airlines , Pinterest





  1. EatSleepLoveTravel

    This time last year we were in the exact same boat as you. We had booked Bali and simply couldn’t wait to get there (even though it did take 36 hours door to door). Having been to Thailand too we found Bali to be cheaper to eat and drink. Excursions are easy to pick up when you are there, there are loads of tour companies all competing with each other for custom so they are pretty cheap. We loved Bali and would love to go back one day (and we NEVER go back anywhere). Have a blast!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mackblack22

      I’m practically vibrating with excitement! I’m the same way too, once I’ve been somewhere I generally check it off the bucketlist for good, but I’m hearing that I might have to make an exception for Bali. Can’t wait to get there and explore :] Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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