In the meantime…

Ah, finally! I’ve found some time to sit down and blog with all of you wonderful people. Between the holidays, starting a new job, moving into a new apartment, and starting up another semester of school I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a moment to even say hello!

Starting a new job (my second job) was the exact change of pace that I needed, and having two jobs has provided me with more income so that I am able to save more and travel more often. Obviously, this is something that I’m extremely excited about and my mind is already racing with ideas of where I should go after Bali.

I know, I know. You must be thinking, “After Bali?! She hasn’t even left for that trip and she’s already planning another adventure!?” You should hear what my boyfriend has to say about it, HA! I swear I’m going to give him a heart attack with how spontaneous my travel plans tend to be. Luckily, he just deals with it and comes with me anyways :]

On that topic, my boyfriend and I are moving in together. Am I excited, nervous, and demanding a specific color theme? Of course, what kind of woman would I be if I wasn’t.  This new apartment that I speak of is something that we found together, and we’ve already began purchasing new furniture and decor so that it’s a shared space; something we create together. We’ve been together for over two years now, have travelled the world together, been in high stress situations, and still didn’t want to physically harm one another so I think we’re off to a great start! ;]

With only two semesters left of my entire college career I’m starting to feel like I’m not ready to graduate. Of course class sucks but I’m wise enough now to know that these are my days of smooth sailing. Once I’m graduated I might not be able to take these spontaneous adventures that I’ve been taking throughout my life, and that’s a thought that absolutely terrifies me. I’m a restless person, I’ll lose it if I am not able to explore the world.

If only I could actually make a living off travel blogging. I’ll keep dreaming for now…

What are you plans for 2016? What trips do you want to take, and why? What do you want to accomplish this year?


Cheers my fellow bloggers!

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