Married: A mirco wedding

You know that guy with the handlebar mustache that’s always in photos on my posts? Well, we just got married! Due to COVID we opted for a micro wedding with our closest friends by our side and I’ve got to say, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

After working together, being together for over 8 years, traveling around the world together to over a dozen countries and buying our first home, we’ve finally tied the knot!

We got engaged on 02/21/20, just before COVID-19 started wreaking havoc here in the US. We immediately started planning a big, family filled wedding when everything turned around and things started shutting down. We continued on with our plans until we realized that things weren’t going to change anytime soon. That’s when we started exploring different options.

My side of the family is from Phoenix, Arizona and we’ve owned a few cabins along Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona since before I was born. If you’ve been to Sedona you know just how magical of a place it is so we knew right away that that was where we wanted to spend our special day. We opted to switch gears and go for a less traditional route, given that most of our family wouldn’t be able to attend a big ceremony anyways due to risks of covid. We decided to go with the growing trend of a so-called micro wedding. Given that there were going to be so few of us there we started brainstorming ideas of unique locations that we could hike out to and hold or ceremony.

Upon deciding on a location and seeing a vision, the real planning could begin. I bought a dress, ordered all my accoutrements, asked my best girls to be my bridesmaids, in a sense, and got to work ordering the required documents, photographer, videographers, etc. To be honest, I actually really enjoyed it planning because I didn’t have to worry about all the extra details of a traditional wedding. My (now) husband is a native San Diegan and I’ve lived here for the past decade so it was also fun to be able to show my closest friends one of the places that’s dearest to my heart.

We decided on a final location gave everyone the game plan and come February 21, 2021 it was operation: wedding day.

It was a whopping 26*F on the morning of the wedding and when we got to the trailhead, there was already snow on the ground and we hadn’t even walked back into the canyon yet. Thankfully we chose a rather flat, easy trail – minus a few creek crossings – so everyone was able to do it in tennis shoes that we all just changed out of before the ceremony. In total the ceremony took about 15-20 minutes but nearly 3 hours of photos and video clips. I’d say it was all worth it.

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Thomas!



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