Bali: Umae Villa Ubud

We arrived in Bali at the Denpasar airport shortly after midnight on the 26th. After nearly 3o hours of traveling and a commuter stop in Jakarta we finally made it. We were able to quickly grab our checked bags and got a taxi quickly too. When we got in the taxi, the driver was friendly and talkative and spoke pretty good english although his accent was rather heavy so we had difficulty understanding him at some points. As we started to leave the airport grounds and make our way in towards Ubud the driver kept yawing and telling us how tired he was so he pulled over to grab some caffeine to help him stay awake. It wasn’t working. We were nearly 30 minutes from Ubud still and we could see the driver starting to fall asleep at the wheel. He literally stopped pushing on the gas at one point and we coasted to a mere 10 miles per hour with cars and motorcyclists honking at us from both lanes. It was absolutely terrifying. I began asking as many questions as I could to try and help keep our driver awake and I had my boyfriend give him a piece of minty gum to help invigorate his senses. Again, it wasn’t working. After about an hour we finally made it to the Umae Villas and jumped out of the cab as quickly as we could.

When we arrived it was around 1am and really dark outside as we walked down a small alley following signs towards the lobby. When got to the lobby there was no one there so I began calling out “Hello!” and finally someone jumped up from one of the couches to assist us with checking in. When we got into the room it was nice and clean but we couldn’t connect to wifi at all. Needless to say, this made me pretty upset but we decided to just go to bed and worry about it in the morning.

When we woke up in the morning and opened the curtains to our room we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was here. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, all the shrubbery was a bright vivid green and there were rice parties surrounding the complex. It was amazing to wake up to. 

We spent the our first afternoon here lounging by our private pool and sipping ice cold bintangs to try and escape this crazy Bali heat. It was completely relaxing and really the first time during our vacation that we’ve actually been able to just hang out and not have to worry about anything. That is expect for the mosquitos and giant toads running around the property. Other than that, it’s stunning beautiful here at the villas. Our room package comes with a daily breakfast as well which is great to get us going in the morning and the omelettes are actually very tasty. We’re looking forward to spending the next week here before we take off for Seminyak.

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