Thailand: The Return Home

After leaving Cambodia, we returned for one final night to Bangkok where we stayed at Hotel Icon*, in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to arrival, I had informed the hotel that it was our anniversary and they had us upgraded to an emperor suite upon our arrival to celebrate. They also provided us with celebration cocktails in the lobby. Whether or not it was actually our anniversary, the hotel will never know. Anyways, the emperor suite was beautiful and located right next to the rooftop pool and lounge. We enjoyed our final day in Bangkok by sitting by the pool, drinking our last Chang beers and eating delicious Thai food before we hopped in a cab on the way back to the airport.

By this time, it was our fourth time being at Bangkok International Airport (BKK) so we knew our way around which made navigating the massive airport a breeze. Once on the plane we began the first treck of our journey home. After 6 hours, not sleeping a wink, and it being now 8am in Seoul, South Korea, I was beginning to get a little cranky. The South Korean Airport is incredible. It’s by far the most high-tech and clean airport I have ever been in. All the directories are massive interactive touch screens that point you in the direction that you want to go; every airport should have them. We finally found a quiet corner on the 3rd floor and managed to get enough sleep to be coherent until the next flight.

With about 2 hours left before our flight we decided to grab some food, and that’s when I had my first glorious experience with korean hot pots. My god was that good. It was such complexity of flavors with all these little kimchi accoutrements and various other flavor profiles. It was amazing and so colorful. I’ve since been searching for something that delicious in San Diego.

Korean Hot Pots  in Seoul, South Korea
Korean Hot Pots in Seoul, South Korea

Finally, we boarded the plane for our return back to Los Angeles. As we took off from the airport it was almost bittersweet. Yes, I was ready to go back home but I didn’t want to leave this experience, I wanted it to last for much longer than it did. On the airplane I found myself not being able to sleep again so I order red wine from the stewardess and watched a few good movies. My man of course slept the entire first flight, and was now fast asleep on this flight. Lucky him. After 3 glasses of red wine I found myself finally starting to doze off when the captain announced that we were nearing Los Angeles Internation Airport and to prepare for landing. When we landed, we waited for our checked luggage for what felt like an entire day and then headed out to the curb for our ride back to San Diego.

In the car on the way back, as I sat looking out the window, I couldn’t help but think about all the amazing things that I had seen and done in the past three weeks. It seems like such a short time, but I managed to cram it full of amazing things and make the best out of every moment. I am so grateful to have had to opportunity to take my man on such an incredible adventure. If there is one thing that I could do for everyone that I come in contact with, it’s to show them a place that they’ve never seen before. It turned him into a travel bug, and those were my exact intentions.

Thank you for reading my Thailand/Cambodia Series and stay tuned for many more adventure to come. I’ve got lots of trips coming up, and plenty more stories.

If you have any questions about anything that happened during this trip or want further details about something please feel free to ask! I would be more than happy to answer any and all questions.

*Hotel Icon. 49 Sukhumvit 2, Bangkok, TH

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